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Dec. 4th 2018 - FBD Hotels and Resorts buys Heritage Hotel and Spa in Killenard, for €9m, €3.5m more than it’s previous owners paid for it in 2014.

My Comment: - More debt ???

Oct 1st - FBD Holdings pays €86m to cancel €70m Fairfax's Convertible loan, but FBDplc bails Holdings out AGAIN by taking €20m of a €50m unsecured, 5% Loan Note.

My Comment : - This is more bad news than good news

Aug.1st FBD Holdings 6 months results

31st May - How to REGISTER and VOTE ONLINE

16th May. The Board announces that it is recommending Jer Bergin and TJ Maher as nominated "shareholder representatives" instead of me at the 2018 AGM.
I'd take that as an insult to the intelligence of ordinary shareholders !
The Board thinks TJ Maher, who has been on the Board for 10 years, has drawn circa. €40,000 in directors fees, but has only 500 shares, will represent your interests as shareholders better than me, who has 60,369 shares.

21st Mar - After the stock market closes, FBD Holdings warn that Storm Emma will cost them up to €8m.

27th Feb - FBD Holdings. - Results 2017. - €50m profit before tax. Proposed dividend of 24 cents (€) per share. Full year Return on Equity of 17%. Full year Combined Operating Ratio of 86%. Gross Written Premium up 3% to EUR372m. Solvency Ratio improved to 164% from 127%

My comment: - With a return to dividends from Holdings, an increase in the book value of our Holdings shares, and a profit from the Geneva sale, I would look for a small increase in our dividend to help support and raise our shareprice. [ 16th May - we got it ! ]

Jan 30th. 2018 - my comment - The share trades on the Company site have not been updated in 9 months. How are shareholders going to judge what the current market in the shares is ? (Update - 6th Feb. - the website now displays a trade from Aug.)(Update#2 - 30th May - now shows a trade from April @ 90c)

- 27th Dec.2017 - FBDplc buys out original partners to increase stake in Development Lands at the delayed Berlin Airport - Is this wise move ?



So why have I set up this site ? I, as a shareholder with more shares than that declared by any Board member, am fed up with being in the dark as to how this Company is being run. I'm not happy about it, and neither should you be. I intend using this site to ask questions that should have been answered long ago, should be answered now, and may need to be answered in the future.

I also want to try to get enough backing from you the Farmer shareholders to put myself forward for election to the Board, where, if elected, I can ensure openness and less secrecy.

This year, 2019, VOTE FOR ME - register online HERE or post your ballot back.

& I will make suggestions to the Board on how to correct THE 2016 CONSTITUTION which is faulty in my opinion.

I want to work for the good of OUR Company and I want ALL shareholders to know what's going on in OUR Company.

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