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Welcome to FBDplc.com
This page has the latest news affecting the Company, and my comments.

Brian Marshall CV and What I would suggest if I was on the Board


27th Dec.2017 - FBDplc buys out original partners to increase stake in Development Lands at the delayed Berlin Airport - Is this wise move ?

Oct.10th - FBD Holdings Trading Statement. - Despite Storm Ophelia, Company trading well

Aug. 10th 2017. Joe Healy, (whose election was used to stop my running for the Board & who then resigned 9 months later) is elected as a non-executive director of FBD Holdings.
My comment : - During his election campaign Joe said he would not take any fees for other directorships whilst IFA president. - I hope he's honest to his word.

Aug 4th 2017 FBD Holdings Interims. BACK IN PROFIT, € 11.9m, and Solvency Ratio improved. No dividend yet.

July 20th 2017 - FBD Hotels & Resorts Earnings grow 8% as group signs latest €100m Joint Venture with Taylor Wimpey for further development at it’s La Cala Resort

June 2017 - FBD Hotels and Resorts – €7m Upgrade at Castleknock Hotel completed.

At the 2017 AGM Padraig said we might have €2m+ more profit that originally though from the sale of Lancy. Will this fund a Special Dividend of 4p per share in 2018 ?

- Improvements I suggested at the 2017 AGM are still valid today

Joe Healy, whose re-election to the Board in June 2016 meant that my valid nomination was not put to the AGM, has resigned from the Board of FBDplc, as of March 24th 2017. He left the Company Board, after 9 years, having earned over €30,000, but he only owned 1,000 shares in all this time.

News releases about the Tower and Lacey sales went on the Company's site today - May 28th. The sales took place 6 months ago.

Padraig Walshe issues the 2017 Chairman's Statement with AGM notice, and reveals for the first time to shareholders that both the Tower Hotel, and Lancy Shopping Centre, have been sold months ago.

May. 18th - FBDplc 2016 Results. Debt now €38m. Profit before Tax fell from €11.45m to €6.2m

FBD Holdings 2016 Results (a small profit, but no word of any dividend)

- FBD Holdings (where we own 24%)
Annual General Meeting - Friday, 5 May 2017
Publication of Half Yearly Report - Friday, 4 August 2017



So why have I set up this site ? I, as a shareholder with more shares than that declared by any Board member, am fed up with being in the dark as to how this Company is being run. I'm not happy about it, and neither should you be. I intend using this site to ask questions that should have been answered long ago, should be answered now, and may need to be answered in the future.

I also want to try to get enough backing from you the Farmer shareholders to put myself forward for election to the Board, where, if elected, I can ensure openness and less secrecy.

This year, 2019, VOTE FOR ME - register online or post your ballot back.

& I will make suggestions to the Board on how to correct THE 2016 CONSTITUTION which is faulty in my opinion.

I want to work for the good of OUR Company and I want ALL shareholders to know what's going on in OUR Company.

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