In 2016 I asked Joe Healy, the then New President of IFA, who had publically stated, in an answer to my question at the Donegal Hustings meeting (copy of Farmer's Journal Twitter-feed here) that he would GUARANTEE an end to IFA "Cronyism", to nominate me as an IFA representative to FBD's Board

He did not taken an opportunity to end previous Presidents' "a reward for my favourite croneys" type nominations.
He didn't nominate me, - an IFA member who, as you can see from this website, is passionate about the future good of the Company, and who has a sizeable stake in it, - unlike many past IFA Presidential nominees, or himself. (He has only 1000 shares despite being on the Board since at least 2008)

He could have taken a Board seat automatically. Instead he stood as a shareholder's nominee, to guarantee that the maximum number of the "old IFA croneys" still remained, or could get nominated to the Board.

So, for reasons I laid out HERE I stood against him. I didn't get elected because the Board used proceedures to ensure that, although correctly nominated, my name did not go forward for shareholders consideration.

Joe Healy then resigned 9 months later in March 2017, having in his time drawn €30,000+ in fees, but never having owned any more than 1,000 shares.

Then, in August 2017, 5 months later, he joined FBD Holdings as a non-executive Director.