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Brief thoughts after The Sept. 2016 National Ploughing Championships

FBD Holdings, where we own 24%, STILL making losses

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Thoughts in the aftermath of the 2016 AGM

-Both the Farming Independent and Farmers Journal have published articles backing my pre 2016 AGM stance.

Also -Reasons why you should Name me as your PROXY for the 2018 AGM and register it online.

Also - The New 2016 Consitiution has segments that are against the interests of ORDINARY SHAREHOLDERS in my opinion, and we should have voted AGAINST accepting it as it stands.

Read my pre and post 2016 AGM analysis and questions HERE
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My name is Brian Marshall. I'm a farmer from County Donegal, and, more importantly to you the viewer, I'm a holder of 60,369 shares in FBDplc - Farmer Business Developments plc.

Those of you who attended the June 2015 AGM, or the 22nd October 2015 EGM will know who I am - I was the shareholder at the front who asked about when the company was going to set up a website, and about the security of dividends / distributions going forward.
At the EGM it was I who brought up the fact that a majority of our Board members actually owned very little shares in FBDplc, that there was a potentially illegal undisclosed conflict of interest, and that shareholders were uninformed and in the dark throughout the whole FBD Property and Leisure takeover.

I followed up with a letter to the Farmer's Journal, reproduced HERE, published in full on page 22 of the 21st Nov.2015 edition, asking questions: - which Padraig Walshe answered vaguely the following week. His reply is HERE, along with my comments and some unanswered questions.

So why have I set up this site ? The simple answer is that I, as a shareholder with more shares than that declared by any Board member, am fed up with being in the dark as to how this Company is being run. I'm not happy about it, and neither should you be. I intend using this site to ask questions that should have been answered long ago, should be answered now, and may need to be answered in the future.

I also want to try to get enough backing from you the Farmer shareholders to put myself forward for election to the Board, where, if elected, I can ensure openness and less secrecy.

This year, 2018, VOTE FOR ME or name me as your PROXY voter, and post your ballot back.

& I will make suggestions to the Board on how to correct THE NEW 2016 CONSTITUTION which is faulty in my opinion.

I want to work for the good of OUR Company and I want ALL shareholders to know what's going on in OUR Company.

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