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The Ploughing Match - where were FBDplc?

The National Ploughing Championships are over. More than 300,000 people attended in 3 days. Thousands of IFA members and those associated with Rural businesses - many of them potential future share buyers.

Yet where were we? We should have had a completely separate stand with at least 2 Board Directors in attendance at all times. But because of our Board's present obsession with not letting anyone know we exist, in case a non-IFA and FBD Insured person might want to buy shares, we missed a huge opportunity to promote ourselves.

OK, maybe some of our Directors were both around the IFA tent and FBD Holdings/Insurance stand, but I would argue that nothing was done to promote US as a separate entity. They weren't indentified as FBD Directors in any way.

I also consider that, as Property and Leisure is losing FBD Insurance's co-promotion inside 2 years, we need to firmly establish a separate brand identity for ourselves in a much more forceful way that we are currently doing.

I would consider €1000 - 1500 doing so at a Championships stand as money well spent, especially if it resulted in a lot more interest from IFA members, other farmers and FBD customers in becoming shareholders.

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