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Mission Statement

I have been talking to a Company Director, who stated "I don't think the majority of the shareholders share your views on the Company, or where it should be going."
In an email reply I have asked this person to tell me their exact views, but, several months on, I'm still awaiting a reply.

At the same time I think it only fair that I lay all my cards on the table with regard to where I think the Company should go. Especially as I want you to name me as a Board member in 2018

Mission Statement

I have started this website to try to achieve a lofty objective
I want the running of FBDplc to be completely transparent and honest, open to shareholder scruity, including scrutiny of staff and directors salaries, and of their decisions - for the ultimate good of the Company and of ALL it's shareholders.

I know the Company has in the past rewarded it's founding shareholders, but I want it, on an ongoing basis, try to reward it's newer shareholders, in monetry terms that reflect the company's net worth. Only such reward will create a demand for the Company's shares, and allow shareholders, especially older shareholders, an exit route at a fair selling price.

I want people to be interested in buying the Company shares, so that existing shareholders have a share price that reflects the true value of the Company. I want the Company to change it's current buyer restrictions to allow more rural businesses and farmers become shareholders

Finally, I believe the Company needs to ask all it's farmer shareholders BEFORE even considering ever again bailing out FBD Holdings, or using our money to enable Holdings make losses. If shareholders then decide that it's to the good of the Company that we do, sobeit. But we never again should face a situation where a Company changing event like the 2015 Holdings bail-out is presented to us as a done deal, without giving ALL shareholders a vote beforehand.


I want ALL shareholders to know what's going on in OUR Company, for the good of OUR Company.

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