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FBDplc.com Results of Shareholders Survey

These are the results of the FBDplc.com Shareholder Survey - that I had conducted independently by Survey Monkey over the last 4 years.

Total number of replies = 168, as of April 14th 2022

Q1 - Are you Male or Female?

A. 106 Female, 62 Male

Q2 - What age bracket are you in, please?

A. Under 40 - - 47
41-50 - - 29
51-60 - - 36
61-70 - - 41
Over 70 - - 14
Prefer not to say -- 1

Q3 - How did you get your shares?

A. I am a founder member - 7
I inherited them from my husband/wife/partner- 17
I inherited them from a parent/relative - 114
I was given them by a parent/relative - 28
I bought them privately, or in the Market - 2
Prefer not to say - 0

Q4 - Do you think the Company communicates often enough with shareholders?

A. Yes - 9
No, I would prefer an update every 6 months - 43
No, I would prefer an update every 3 months, even if only to say that nothing has happened - 116
Prefer not to say - 0

Q5 - Should the fees of the Board Directors and Chairman be part paid in shares until the Companys debt clears?

A. No, they should be paid in cash - 14
Yes, they should get a third in shares, issued at the average buying price of the last 3 trades - 39
Yes, they should get a half in shares, issued at the average buying price of the last 3 trades - 108
Prefer not to say - 7

Q6 - Does the "potential new shareholder has to be an IFA member AND an FBD insurance user for 3 years" rule need to be changed?

A. No - 31
Yes, any farmer or rural business should be able to buy shares, regardless of IFA membership or using FBD - 87
Yes, as long as the farmer or rural business at the time of application is either an IFA member, or FBD user, they should be able to buy shares - 50
Prefer not to say - 0

Q7 - Should the Company website report of shareprice be expanded to "current Bid and Offer, and volume of each"?

A. No, it's ok as is - 14
Yes, more information would help both buyers and sellers - 151
Prefer not to say - 3

Q8 "FBD plc would need to build a cash reserve to fund any future rights issue for Holdings" do you agree?

A. Yes, FBDplc must try at all costs to itself to make sure FBD Insurance continues, even if making huge losses - 43
No, after 45 years Insurance should be able to look after itself. We should look to our own shareholders, and increase dividends and pay-outs - 122
Prefer not to say - 3

Q9 - 40% of shareholders are women. Should the Board try to find suitable women to put forward for consideration as Directors?

A. Yes - 109
No - 53
Prefer not to say - 6

Q10 - Should the Trust, as an 11% holder, have an automatic seat on the 14 member Board?

A. Yes, but this should stop it from voting its shares as an "ordinary shareholder" in Director elections - 134
No - 28
Prefer not to say - 6

I intend to inform as many members as I can of the results of this survey. I want ALL shareholders to know what's going on in OUR Company, and to have their views known.

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